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Tag 1: Dienstag 21 Mai

Metal injection molding of high-temperature components in the automotive industry

Dr Johannes Maurath
Research and development engineer
MIMplus Technologies GmbH & Co KG
The MIM process is a well-established manufacturing method for the serial production of complex, high-precision metal components. It allows for processing a wide range of different materials, ranging from tool steels to stainless steels and high-temperature materials like nickel- or cobalt-based alloys. The great freedom in design and choice of materials makes MIM very attractive for automotive applications. This talk focuses on the manufacturing of MIM components that are situated in the 'hot zones' of conventional vehicles, like directly in the combustion engine or the exhaust system. Ni-based alloys demonstrate ideal properties for these high-temperature applications.

HyperHybrid: low-cost electrification

Martin Graz
Obrist Powertrain GmbH
The HyperHybrid, a series hybrid powertrain solution, represents a way not only to enable OEMs to reach emission targets but also to step in front as the leader in low-cost electrification solutions. HyperHybrid combines electric driving comfort with unlimited range at maximum efficiency and affordable costs. The HyperHybrid powertrain features an ultra-compact combustion engine (Zero Vibration Generator) boasting unmatched efficiency, a high-power, low-cost battery (HV Li-ion) based on 18,650 commodity cells, and integrated thermal management covering the complete powertrain and passenger cabin.

Pioneering temperature mapping for critical automotive components

Dr Solon Karagiannopoulos
Instrumentation engineer
Sensor Coating Systems
Sensor Coating Systems (SCS) has developed a new temperature mapping technology used in the aerospace, power generation and automotive industries. The technology is based on smart-memory luminescent materials which are applied as coatings on the surface of industrial components. When the coating is exposed to high temperatures its structural properties permanently change. The maximum exposure temperature can then be inferred by studying the material luminescence. High-resolution thermal maps are created by mapping the temperature on the 3D CAD model of the component. The data is primarily used to validate new designs in the engine development process.

The Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle for gasoline and diesel engine applications

Dapo Ogunmuyiwa
Ogunmuyiwa Motorentechnik GmbH
In the current climate of diesel vehicle bans in certain cities, and cutbacks in long-term diesel vehicle programs, the question arises whether this is the end of diesel engines for passenger car applications. In general, IC engines will need to have robust EU6/EU7/RDE emissions performance to have a chance of survival in the medium-term future. Although current diesel engines appear to have reached their limits in respect of achieving this task, the Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle takes a fundamentally different approach to combustion, providing the scope for further improvements in emissions for spark-ignition and diesel engines.

NVH testing and simulation of EV/HEV powertrains

Guillaume Cousin
Product manager
Development of electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) powertrains opens an unexplored field of noise and vibration challenges. Although they are quieter than ICE (internal combustion engines), the main EV or HEV propulsion motors play a major role in the overall sound. Their vibroacoustic behavior can be electromagnetic, mechanical or aerodynamic, and can be assessed and improved using the appropriate technology. Electromagnetic noise, vibration and harshness (E-NVH) therefore require a wide scope of dedicated skills and high-end tools: from simulation to testing. Learn all about it in this presentation.

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