5 / 6 / 7 June 2018
Hall 9, Messe Stuttgart, Germany


Exhibitor News Releases

Counter-gravity casting
Hitchiner - Engine Expo Stand E9325

Looking to produce metal components in ferrous alloys, nickel and cobalt base alloys, Hitchiner will use Engine Expo to showcase its counter-gravity investment casting technology. Enabling a controlled flow of metal flow in the mould together metallurgical cleanliness, the process allows for geometrical complexity, compactness and superior fatigue properties.

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Multi-piece manufacturing
Streparava Group - Engine Expo Stand E9530

Designed for medium- and low-volume applications, Streparava’s innovative camshaft production methods enable the manufacture of assembled or multi-piece camshafts. The versatile technique can be adapted according to differing shaft dimensions. This process is particularly advantageous for applications where traditional assembly methods limit flexibility, while requiring high investment.

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Customised coatings
Oerlikon - Engine Expo Stand E9305

Coatings and heat treatments for engineered components can reduce fuel consumption, increase performance, improve wear resistance and allow a more compact design, but this often depends on temperature, pressure, lubrication and other critical factors. Oerlikon Balzers will use Engine Expo to showcase the coating solutions that enable these benefits in automotive applications.

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Precision-engineered parts
Indo-MIM - Engine Expo Stand E9510

For precision-engineered products, Indo-MIM utilises metal injection moulding (MIM) as its core manufacturing technology. Combining the design flexibility of plastic injection moulding with the strength and integrity of wrought metals, the India-based company offers cost-effective solutions for highly complex part geometries.

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Sealing solutions
Frenzelit - Engine Expo Stand E9525

To achieve reduced emissions and noise as well as increased safety and efficiency requires close cooperation between all partners in the supply chain, from automotive tier suppliers to OEMs. Thanks to Frenzelit, auto makers are able to ensure that this happens. Developing insulation and sealing products found in thermal management, powertrain and driveline, fluid management, exhaust gas and e-mobility solutions, the technology is united by a common goal: to increase system stability, safety and efficiency.

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Cutting-edge components
Advantech International - Engine Expo Stand E9445

Initially established in 1951 as an international trading and development company, Advantech has since honed its expertise in cutting-edge component solutions for the automotive and motorcycle industries.

The company’s Vehicle Components Group will be at Engine Expo Europe to demonstrate advancements in metal forming including precision cold forming, lightweight high-pressure die-casting, precision stamping, and hot and cold forging.

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Insulation issues
Eugen Arnold GmbH - Engine Expo Stand 9020

Ever-changing automotive regulations mean that auto makers must reduce exhaust system temperatures. Arnold, which engineers, tests, manufactures and assembles turbochargers as well as exhaust systems, has developed adaptable insulation systems with low insulation thicknesses, high insulation values and durable insulation materials.

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Fastening fix
The Phillips Screw Company - Engine Expo Stand E9620

Providing high-performance fastener drive systems to the automotive industry, The Phillips Screw Company will use Engine Expo Europe to showcase the solutions that are helping OEMs to reduce system weight and improve assembly procedures.

Visitors can find out more about the company’s wide range of solutions, which include the external Mortorq Super bolt system, the Mortorq Super Spiral Drive recess and the HexStix Stable Drive System.

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