Engine Expo 2018

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5., 6.,7. Juni 2018
Halle 9, Messe Stuttgart, Deutschland


Cooling systems from prototype to production finish

Engine cooling system expert KIRPART will present its range of thermostats, water and oil pumps and aluminum high pressure die cast and machined parts.

The company manufactures Aluminum High Pressure die cast and machined parts production such as Oil pans, brackets, covers and different type of bodies. To support this product portfolio KIRPART has three main operations; Aluminum High pressure die casting, machining and assembly which includes testing if necessary. One of its biggest advantages is having these three operations under one roof.

KIRPART has experience in design and validation, and for components such as thermostat and water pumps, is able to design the part from black box stage and is developing its ability to design new products everyday with investment in engineers, software programs and new equipment.

KIRPART is able to design components for new engine design per each engine specification and for a complete solution with all simulation results and prototypesvalidated.

Engine Expo 2017 stand number: 3112

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Zukünftige Messe: Engine Expo 2019, 21-23 Mai 2019, Halls 7, 8, 9, 10, Stuttgart Messe, Deutschland