Engine Expo 2018

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5., 6.,7. Juni 2018
Halle 9, Messe Stuttgart, Deutschland


Casting process for superalloy components, promises thin-wall castability and superior fatigue properties
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Hitchiner Manufacturing Co. Inc. will highlight its unique Counter Gravity Low-Pressure Inert- Atmosphere (CLI) casting process, designed to help metallurgical cleanliness and thin wall castability, in high-volume production superalloys.

This casting process for superalloy engine components can be used for turbocharger turbine wheels and waste gates using refractory alloys, such as IN713, Mar-M 246, and Nimonic 90. IN625, IN718, IN100, Haynes 230 and C263 alloys can also be cast using this method.

CLI casting aids metallurgical cleanliness, thin wall castability, with validation tests demonstrating superior fatigue properties of CLI cast components when compared with conventional gravity vacuum castings.
Hitchiner has high volume component production locations in USA and Mexico, producing variable valve train levers with high stiffness to inertia ratio, sliding rocker arms with DLC coating, turbo charger components in reactive alloys with high fatigue properties, fuel rail components in stainless steel and gearbox components with compact geometry and multiple functions.

The company has patented a number of counter gravity casting processes and is using best in class simulation tools to optimize development cycles.

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