Engine Expo 2018

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5., 6.,7. Juni 2018
Halle 9, Messe Stuttgart, Deutschland


A smart patent-pending technology to creat heat-defying air and fluid connections - on show with TRIDON

TRIDON will be present its SmartSeal® self-adjusting, stainless steel clamps, which can counteract thermal expansion and contraction caused by under-hood temperature variations when sealing air and coolant connections.

Featuring patent-pending ‘SmartLiner’ technology, the SmartSeal® clamp forms a unique 360? degree seal around the joints and prevents air and fluid leaks when subjected to temperature extremes and vibration. TRIDON SmartSeal® clamps were designed in response to the leakage attributed to thermal cycling and to meet today’s challenging lighter weight and space requirements.

SmartSeal® clamps are comprised of two main parts, the non-perforated clamp assembly and the SmartLiner. The SmartLiner is a spring liner made of high quality stainless steel and is integrated inside the clamp. Designed to be smart, the thin gauge steel expands and contracts around the hose with temperature changes. The clamp rides on top of the lubricated liner, distributing pressure more evenly around the hose.

TRIDON offers full service development and engineering support –from design to launch- with ongoing value engineering proposals. TRIDON’s fully equipped laboratory makes it possible to fully satisfy the most demanding customer applications and is an additional support for R&D.

Engine Expo 2017 stand number: 3012

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