Engine Expo 2018

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5., 6.,7. Juni 2018
Halle 9, Messe Stuttgart, Deutschland


MORTORQ® Super Spiral Drive Recess designed for full driver contact
Phillips Screw Company

The Phillips Screw Company will be exhibiting its range of award-winning fastener drive systems including the External MORTORQ Super Drive System, The MORTORQ® Super Spiral Drive Recess and the HEXSTIX® Stable Drive System.

The External MORTORQ® Super Drive System provides maximum torque in a lightweight low-height design. Tighter design clearances result in overall weight reductions for bolts and structures yielding the greatest possible efficiency for both modern and future vehicle engines.

The MORTORQ® Super Spiral Drive Recess is one of the most advanced system available for use in automotive manufacturing. Featuring an exceptionally shallow recess, it sets the standard for strength and functionality. It’s recess geometry provides full driver contact over the entire mating surface of the recess wings. This results in extreme high-torquing capability without risk of damage to the fastener or surrounding head area. Minimal head height reduces the weight of fastened engine components.

The HEXSTIX® Stable Drive System increases speed and efficiency in one-handed applications of assembled components. The screw recess design has an outstanding ability to hold firmly to the driver bit at the point of assembly – with no magnetic bits or vacuum screw holders required.

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