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Miba Coating Group presents friction enhancing direct coating, with GRIPCOAT Direct
Miba Coating Group

The Miba Coating Group presents GRIPCOAT® Direct, which, for the first time, offers the possibility to increase the friction coefficient by partially applying a friction enhancing coating to components. This eliminates the need for additional friction-discs whereby the assembly is more simple and costs are reduced significantly.

The automotive industry is driven by the ongoing trend of lightweight design. Future CO2 limits set high standards for vehicle and engine constructions. Optimized performance and dynamics can be realized through weight reductions. A new possibility for downsizing has also come from the within the field of increased friction technology. Previously, mostly friction shims were used to enhance the friction, the consequential limited design possibilities and high assembly costs were accepted due to the lack of alternatives. A new solution was sought and found.

With GRIPCOAT® Direct, components are directly coated with friction increasing particles. This reduces components and also the parts themselves can be realized lighter, smaller and simultaneously more efficient.

With GRIPCOAT® Direct, values up to a friction factor of 6 are possible. The coating is applied partially on the components within a completely automated process. The area, the distribution on the substrate and the size of the hard particles required for the desired friction, are individually agreed and adapted with each customer. The coating is applied using atmospheric plasma and is without any wet chemicals or solvents and allows new material combinations.

To increase the transmissible torque, larger, heavier or additional components are no longer necessary. The GIRPCOAT® Direct coated, optimized components assume this function and therefore contribute to the desired weight reduction, which leads to lower consumption and CO2 emissions. The performance is optimized by the new design possibilities and high friction coefficient of the diamond layer. OEMs have recognized this progress for the automotive industry and serial components already go through the GRIPCOAT® Direct coating process.

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