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5., 6.,7. Juni 2018
Halle 9, Messe Stuttgart, Deutschland


Revolutionary rapid prototyping substitutes sand casting for 12 week delivery of die cast components
Heck & Becker

Heck & Becker presents K1 prototyping to help revolutionize the die casting process.

The development intervals of new drive technologies in the automotive industry have shortened considerably in recent years. This means that it is becoming increasingly important to be able to quickly produce prototypes that demonstrate the properties of the subsequent series production parts.

Up to now, sand casting for these prototypes was the only possibility to quickly manufacture comparable casting parts. The problem: These casting parts are only conditionally comparable with series production HPDC parts, meaning that "completely" developed die casting components of a series production casting mold only achieve the required properties following extensive modifications.

K1 prototyping revolutionizes component development with its competence platform allowing users to analyze and optimize the practicability of components in the die casting process at a very early development stage.

K1 prototyping means the substitution of sand casting, so just 12 weeks after preliminary "design freeze", it can provide die casting components with the properties of the subsequent series production components, allowing initial trials at a very early stage with congruent components.

Engine Expo 2017 stand number: 3114

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