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5., 6.,7. Juni 2018
Halle 9, Messe Stuttgart, Deutschland


High efficiency reciprocating piston engine cycles without air charging
Ogunmuyiwa Motorentechnik GmbH

Ogunmuyiwa Motorentechnik GmbH will present its downsizing to planetary reciprocating piston engines strategy using its high-efficiency Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle without the use of air charging.

Whilst downsizing by means of air charging has been successful in contributing to CO2 reductions, it has had a negative effect on NOx emissions by increasing the mass flow of N2 in downsized engines. This has adversely contributed towards the supply of the main constituent responsible for the formation of NOx.

The high efficiency Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle without the use of air charging reduces the admission of N2 into the downsized engines as a basis for improved NOx reduction strategies, whilst maintaining the CO2 reduction benefits of downsizing.

The cycle (for engines with cylinder axes arranged substantially tangentially to a circle centered on the main shaft axis) enables combustion to occur during the compression stroke of the cycle without damaging the engine. This innovation takes advantage of the knock resistant “Planetary Reciprocating Piston Engine” geometry to provide a combustion cycle independent of the current inhibitive combustion timing constraints to deliver a more complete combustion. Enabling higher power densities, higher thermal efficiencies and lower raw HC & CO emissions to be achieved.

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